Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1945, Dan Daniels has been involved with music his whole life. From a first grade Christmas show, to taking up guitar at 13 to become the next Elvis, to high school chorus, to folk singing in college, to an old-time string band, to a country rock band called Back East, to Dan Daniels & Your No Good Buddies, his award winning Americana band which ended a ten year run in 2012, Dan has been playing and singing music for decades.

Dan has also been writing songs for over 45 years, but something made it all come together in 2002-2003, when the songs for Guts and Gravel, his debut CD were written. With the help of his band mates Dan Margolis and Shawn Mansfield, the drumming of Billy Klock and Seth Hoffsommer, the stellar Bluegrass mandolin of Kurt Hansen, and the many talents of Guy Wallis as co-producer and multi-instrumentalist, the album was recorded in the spring of 2004 and was released in July 2004.

With the help of E.H.King Music, Dan has seen great results getting airplay all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand and even Japan. Every one to whom the CD has been sent has chosen to play songs from it, and airplay reports show that all 12 songs on the CD have been featured on some show somewhere.

With the release of 2007’s Geezer Rock , Dan made a move to get more recognition of his music with a radio campaign spearheaded by Bill Wence Promotions. Though not as successful as hoped for it still got him radio play on a number of non-commercial and Americana stations across the USA. It also received a LiveWire Award as one of 2007’s best local CD’s from the Springfield (Mass.) Republican’s music critic Donnie Morehouse. That’s in an area with a strong original music scene.

Dan got back into the studio to record a new album of his songs in 2010 under the title Nobody’s Fool. This album was released in 2010 and garnered him a second LiveWire Award as one of the year’s best local CD’s. With a new emphasis on acoustic country with shades of bluegrass and old timey country music this album is a departure from his earlier work. As Bill Wence said “Dan seems to have found his voice with this new album”.

Dan’s music is fun, up-tempo, a party just waiting to happen but with a particular point of view. Dan’s not afraid to call a spade a spade, to poke fun at the high and mighty, and to “tell it like it is”. The combination of social commentary, fun lyrics, uplifting tunes, and strong musical hooks leads to a satisfying musical experience for one and all.

In Dec., 2017 Dan released his fourth album, a solo effort, entitled “The Gravedigger’s Waltz”, a folk and bluegrass album done with the engineering and musical abilities of Jim Henry on guitar, mandolin and dobro. This album represents a change of pace for Dan as it moves away from the full band sound of his previous work to a less cluttered and more pure sound back to his folk and country roots.

Since the end of his “No Good Buddy” days in 2012, he has been occasionally performing with his “Dan Daniels Band” doing select performances at town concerts, special outdoor events, and occasional club dates at places like the Luthier’s Co-op, Fort Hill Brewery, the Bing Arts Center and Gateway City Arts Center.

Since 2010, Dan has been entertaining groups of seniors in all types of senior living facilities doing solo performances, as well as selected dates in libraries and senior centers. Doing around 200 shows a year has given him a very well-developed ability to entertain groups of all sizes. He has a vast repertoire of music, dating from the 1950’s and sometimes before that, to some of today’s hits, as well as some of his own well-crafted original songs. Whatever show he does will be entertaining, educational and just plain fun. His original music can be previewed at his band website ( ) and an alternative website at