In this show I try to cover a wide variety of song styles from some very old favorites to some newer songs including my own compositions and a smattering of songs from eras in between. I like to start with the old favorite “Enjoy Yourself” as both an introduction to the show and a kind of “mission statement” of what we are about to do for the next hour. I next go into an Old-time Medley of “Bicycle Built for Two”, “Bill Bailey” and “Has Anybody Seen My Gal”. I next delve into the old traditional folk song “House of the Rising Sun” followed by the 70’s country rock of the Bellamy Brothers hit song “Let Your Love Flow”. I follow that with one of my own original tunes (the new) and then do songs like “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”, “Mr. Bojangles”, “Mack the Knife”, and Bill Withers “Lean on Me”, a real favorite. I have another old-time medley made up of “In the Good-Old Summertime”, “I Want a Girl, Just Like the Girl” and “I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover”. I now do anything from “City of New Orleans” , to “Changing Partners”, another one or two of my original songs, as well as the old Pat Boone favorite “Love Letters in the Sand”, Hank Williams’ “Hey Good Lookin’”, to another medley I call the” Moon Medley” (Shine on Harvest Moon, By the Light of the Silvery Moon and Blue Moon. I end the show with a funny little song entitled “Homegrown Tomatoes” and my own humorous song called (I Been Eatin’) Onions, both of which are easy to sing along with and offer a lot of laughs, a winning finale.

As you can see this show covers a lot of musical territory, form songs the people know well and can sing along with, to new and interesting songs they can enjoy just with listening. I believe this combination of the new and familiar is a winning combination, as it offers a lot of familiarity as well as something new and interesting. As I go along through the performance I offer a little bit of dialogue and introductions to the music for those with greater cognitive skills who enjoy those elements of the show. But mostly it’s just a lot of great music spanning over 100 years and taking them on another of my “Musical Journeys”

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