Dan Daniels Music Program for Senior Care Facilities

I have been involved with music my whole life. From a first grade Christmas show, to taking up guitar at 13 wanting to be the next Elvis, to high school chorus, to playing folk music in college, to an old-time string band called “The Falls Road String Band”, to a country rock band called “Back East”, to my latest project “Your No Good Buddies”, I’ve been playing and singing music for decades.

In thinking about a program to entertain seniors at nursing care, assisted living facilities or senior centers, I thought that a musical overview of my life would be an interesting way to approach the subject. Starting with my first musical love, cowboy music (such as “Back I the Saddle Again”, and the very funny “Roly Poly”), going into early rock and roll (such as Elvis and Buddy Holly), then onto the folk music scene of the 60’s (Shenandoah, Blowin’ in the Wind). Then to the Beatles with “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Let It Be”. Leading to a brief discussion of the Byrds folk rock sound (Mr. Tambourine Man) and what that meant to Bob Dylan and the Baby boomer generation.Then further to the country rock sound of the 70’s (Jonathan Edwards, Creedence Clearwater Revival) and the protest movements of the 60’s and the so-called generation gap.. My next musical direction was folk and old-time music (Take Me Home Country Roads,), followed by some newer country music from the 80’s and 90’s (Forever and Ever, Amen.), when I had my country band “Back East”. Finally I will play on of my original songs from my latest musical project “Dan Daniels and Your No Good Buddies”, a funny song entitled “(I’ve Been Eatin’) Onions”, a great sing along number.

Along with the songs will be a bit of narrative and humorous anecdotes about the times and what the music meant to me and to the world around us. It’s a trip down memory lane with some of their music and a lot of the music of their children’s generation as well. I will talk and sing about the world they lived in and their children grew up in, all in a one hour show.

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